My Vision

I am faithful and courageous. I'm always seeking to improve. I am patient with myself and I always look for new opportunities to learn and grow.

I love everyone around me with affection, friendship and charity. I love my wife and cultivate a deep, fierce committment to her. I am her greatest defender and confidant.

I face the future with hope and confidence. I move forward in faith, even through difficult trials. I love the Lord and His teachings, and seek to serve Him and His children in everything I do. I plan for the future and enjoy the present.

I teach my sons sons faith, hope, bravery, confidence, and strength. I help them learn them who they are - sons of their Heavenly Father with infinite worth and infinite potential for growth. I lead them in hard work and lively play. I prepare them to be good fathers; to love their wives, their children, and the Lord.

I challenge my sons to try new things and take risks. I listen to their fears, celebrate their achievements, and help them see where they fall short. Every word I speak to them is meant to encourage, build, and strengthen.

I help make my home a home of order, cleanliness, and love.

I work to be one with my family and with the Lord.